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China Oral Care Industry Association

China Oral Care Industry Association Brief introduction

  • 2020-07-17

China Oral Care Industry Association (COCIA) was founded on November 1, 1984. COCIA is the only national level association in this industry, approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China. COCIA consists of toothpaste manufacturing, raw material, packaging, equipment, related scientific research and quality testing institutions. At present, COCIA has 135 members.

Principles of COCIA:
Serving for members, coordinately managing the industry, promoting industrys development, coordinating the relationship between government and industry.

Main function:
to manage the self regulations and administrative code for the industry, and organize their implementation;
entrusted by the concerning governmental organizations, to draft the development program of the industries, and to provide guidance for the development of the industries;
to conduct the investigation and study on the issues in the development of the industries, and to provide suggestions on industry policies and regulations to governmental organizations;
to participate in formulating and revising standards used in the industries and to organize the implementation of the standards;
to participate the industry manufacturing and production license management;
to conduct the statistics work among the industry, to collect, analyze and manage basic information of the industry, in order to provide the service to the concerning governmental organizations;
cooperating with the concerning governmental organizations, to conduct the inspections among the industry, to supervise the product quality, to release the products qualities information;
to promote the new technology, processes and materials, to evaluate the scientific and technical achievements;
to response the members requirements, to coordinate their relationship, to protect their legitimate interest;
to organize exhibitions and fairs of the concerned products, domestically and internationally;
to organize professional and technical trainings;
to organize the industry publicity, to publish journals and other publications;
to provide the consulting service;
to develop the relationship with the foreign concerned organization, to organize communication and cooperation activities both domestically and internationally;
entrusted by the concerned governmental organization, to undertake other tasks.
Address of COCIA:
Room 411 No.22 Fu Wai Street, Beijing, P.R.China 100833
Web site:


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